Honorees | LGBTQ-RAN Educational Resource Prize

To further the teaching and instruction of LGBTQ+ history in various classroom contexts, the LGBTQ Religious Archives Network offers an annual LGBTQ-RAN Educational Resource Prize. Inaugurated in 2021, the prize honors scholars and teachers developing curricular and instructional materials for the teaching of LGBTQ+ religious history at all levels of education from primary to higher education, as well as in congregational or community settings.  

A key purpose of this prize is to support and amplify the development of these educational resources and to make excellent resources available to the public by publishing them (with authors’ permission and with acknowledgement and citation) on the LGBTQ-RAN website in order to amplify awareness about the important contribution of the LGBTQ+ community to religious history.  

2021 Honoree:

Caro Bratnober for their workshop, "Queering Religious Archives"